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hey guy'z

2008-09-06 13:45:47 by latino-toid

When i wasnt here i have drawed some stuff in DeviantArt
and i will see what im going to cancel or not

I am very busy this time
and someguyz said that ''Invader Zim will Return tomorow

Next News:
The stupid thing from Tecmo Wrestling for the Nes(Nintendo Enternament System)

Listen to this that Awesome > <

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hey guy'z

Project Canceled

2008-08-27 11:41:13 by latino-toid

i have canceled some project and i miss you guy'z Xd

i dont mean im bored -___- now yes im boring but not because i dont have internet, i have to miss the madness day'z or what???? i die(Dead)

but one way im happy i have Buying The Mad Magazine for the first time you know???, the Magazine publich Spy vs. Spy???

im in a computer of an electronic shop again

Hey Guy'z

2008-08-19 11:18:25 by latino-toid

Im not in mi computer but in a computer of electronic shop Xd

but i will back i promess '^^
because i dont have internet anymore because of somebody But on mi computer i have drAWED something cool (Well for me xd)


Asta Pronto xd

Going for a while in 2 week

2008-07-06 18:55:46 by latino-toid

But Dont worry i will be back...
And i got mi tablet!!! (But it too little -_-)
because now im very very very very busy with thoses Sprites lol
Well back to the animation list:

Super Smash Reality
Madness Combat: The Combat at Las-Vegas
Starting with the life of Zero (MegaManZero Serie)
Mack Daddy Latino_toad
Full Metal Shit
Yogi Real Bear
Bad Thing Pokemon
The life of Bowser
Duck Hunt Stupid Sketch
Sonic Michap

Decition Project (not sure about relase):

Princesse Peach Vs. Mario
Later in the world of Sonic The Hedgehog...

But now i have doing anything with the new tablet
And starting with the test animation fcurse

Mi favorite 3D animation

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and that the aparance of the principal character of Madness Combat 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 but relooked for the project of Madness Combat: The Combat at Las-Vegas for the Madness Day'z project so tell me what
do you think please

Going for a while in 2 week


2008-06-30 16:06:43 by latino-toid

Hello Guy'z I have finally installed ''Flash Macromedia 8''
To begin with flash:
There'z going to have a flash serie with 20 episode (i just dont find the name)

Nupiz the Bunny
a short serie'z, in all ep Nupiz Die

Well for praticing.
and in deviant art it's relased
PacLove a Comic Strip Serie (there no reason why it'z named PacLove, so dont worry that'z nothing about love)

Charactere in the chat serie:
Master Sonic



2008-06-13 17:51:32 by latino-toid

Hello Guy'z
i have seen anything about the big apple convention and there no somebody who gets that in the net??? But something stupid the video
i think tomorow i will install Adobe Flash.
List of project:
The Reviewer
The story about Zero (MegaManZero Serie)
Latino_toad Serie
Bad Thing Pokemon and other.

For the Madness Day'z 2008 iu will make Madness Combat at Las Vegas for this project i will do mi better for the graphic with mouse xd.
There mi profil in only for disposite mi draw and some of mi comic book but i have lost mi favorite fanartLol

If you guys want someguy in your own collabs you can ask.
i will prensent you a news serie for now and later its about ''Chat'' ok i will get more information in the next news enjoy that stupid video

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2008-05-16 19:26:17 by latino-toid

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2008-05-02 16:43:52 by latino-toid

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</div>i have seen a million-million of video if you dont going to believe