In Prockcess...

2008-09-14 15:15:13 by latino-toid

Hello Guy'z The principal charactere of ''The Reviewer'' is finally designed in Deviant Art
Territory War online was fun xdd

About the Madness day i think mi project will be on 2010 or 2011 Sorry because i have never the time but dont worry i will do this project...

Super Cool Perfum Serie on 20 flash ep
Madness Combat: Las Vegas

Not Sure:
Random Stupid Sketch
Sonic The Hedgehog animation
<Code:Clp s c m >
The Dibs Scary Sister
Invader Zim: Love, that'z kill you
porno stick
Sonic The Hedgehog From the Future

Mi favorite Invader Zim moment without the first

/* */
Different version of that song (Also mi favorite song)

/* */

In Prockcess...


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2008-09-14 15:44:53

I downloaded every episode! I just hope I don't have to clean out my hard drive again! oh, and my bro's grown an accurate taste for the show.

latino-toid responds:

LOL I understand and i ditn know what you mean with ''my bro's grown an accurate taste for the show''